As restrictions begin to ease, and life is getting closer to some sort of normal, a lot of sales teams are starting to return to work, albeit many are on reduced hours and perhaps expected to pick up different tasks during this time.

  1. Make sure you understand the expectations of your responsibilities.  Ask questions, gather information and make yourself a plan for how to manage your time in the best way.
  2. With limited time in the office, your time management is more important than ever.  Start each day with a plan.  Our suggestion is to prioritise with the following in mind –
    • Important & Urgent – Do these first
    • Important but not Urgent – Set a time to do these tasks
    • Urgent but not Important – Delegate these if possible, or set a time for later in the day to undertake
    • Not Urgent and not Important – Set these aside to do when time allowsSYG Hack – Enquiries & Quotes are always Important & Urgent!!
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask to be removed from non essential activities to allow you to focus on your role.  Eg. You may be part of a committee or focus group, perhaps ask to be allowed to skip some meetings for the next few months until you are back to full time hours.  You can still get the minutes from the meetings to stay connected from afar.
  4. Ask for help!!!When we are working shorter hours, it is often hard to stay on top of workload.  It may be that the management team/owners have a perception that your department will be quiet due to current restrictions etc, however this may not be the case!   

Free 30 minute virtual consultations

We are in unprecedented times and no-one has all of the answers, however our experienced team of event specialists are available and as anyone that knows us would agree we love talking all things events. We would like to show our support to hotels, clubs and event venues by providing free 30 minute virtual consultations.  You may be after advice on how to manage a specific postponed or cancelled event situation, how to manage the sales office with a limited team, or get an insight into how we can help with online support for sales teams.  We are here to help.  After all, we are all in this together.  Contact to arrange your consultation.