3 Phase Approach

SYG’s 3 Phase Approach:

  1. Review of Practices
  2. Refresh Report
  3. Performance Coaching

In Phase 1 we work with the Executive and broader team commencing with a complete Review of Practices (Phase 1) reporting on key business criteria.

Key areas of the Review of Practices include:

  • Revenue and profit performance review, food and beverage and accommodation
  • Conversion success levels
  • Team structure and responsibilities review
  • Establish measurable benchmarks for forward planning
  • Review execution of agreed practices from Master or Kick Start Program
  • Future opportunities for yield and revenue growth
  • Performance enhancement plans for sales team members

Key areas of Refresh Report include:

  • Present market demand
  • Review of practices in relation to agreed standards at conclusion of Master or Kick Start Program
  • Review of inventory management
  • Conversion success levels
  • Team structure and responsibilities review
  • Further identification of profit growth opportunities
  • Workflow plan to overcome any identified issues inhibiting conversion success

Performance Coaching Program (Phase 3) for 5 months after Phases 1 and 2.

The Performance Coaching Program (Phase 3) drives adherence to the Refreshed Cultural Approach and Developed System/Technical Methods. Includes specific daily and weekly reporting benching Revenue and Profit Growth alongside targets agreed with the Hotel Executive Team.

  • Daily¬†reporting to SYG Consultant
  • Assistance with lead opportunities
  • Daily performance coaching
  • Onsite review and coaching days
  • Monthly measurement and reporting
  • Individual mentoring
  • Progress reports for Hotel Executive Team
  • Target benchmarks

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