Refresh Program

The Sales Yield Growth Refresh Program is a 6 month Coaching Program designed for hotels who have completed the Master Program or Kick Start within the past 12 months.

Sales Yield Growth Refresh Program delivers:
  1. Review of execution of practices agreed and delivered during the Master or Kick Start Programs. Includes method, systems, time management choices, reporting and measurable revenue and profit performance.
  2. Refresh Report outlining the status quo and agreed direction.
  3. Performance Coaching and a Partnership Relationship with the Business, inclusive of the Executive and the broader team over a 5 month period.


SYG’s 3 Phase Approach:

  1. Review of Practices – In Phase 1 we work with the Executive and broader team commencing with a complete Review of Practices (Phase 1) reporting on key business criteria… Read More
  2. Refresh Report – In Phase 2 we look at a number of areas including Market Demand, Conversion Success Levels, Review of Practices and Workflow Plan to overcome any identified issues inhibiting conversion success… Read More
  3. The Performance Coaching Program (Phase 3) drives adherence to the Refreshed Cultural Approach and Developed System/Technical Methods. Includes specific daily and weekly reporting benching Revenue and Profit Growth alongside targets agreed with Hotel Executive Team… Read More

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