3 Phase Approach

SYG’s 3 Phase Approach:

  1. Discovery Process
  2. Customised Plan
  3. Performance Coaching Program

In Phase 1 we work with the Executive and broader team commencing with a complete Discovery Process reporting on key business criteria.

Key areas of the Discovery Process include:

  • Present market demand
  • Opportunities for yield and revenue growth
  • Analysis of present business/sales methods
  • Inventory management
  • Establish measurable benchmarks for the Program against historical actual revenue and profit results
  • Conversion success levels
  • Additional product development
  • Team structure and responsibilities review
  • Prioritisation of market segments
  • Identification of profit growth opportunities and estimated value

Analysis and recommendations from the Discovery Process (Phase 1) are reviewed with the Executive Team and a Customised Plan (Phase 2) is then developed.

Key areas of the Customised Plan include:

  • Documented workflow method for the team
  • Measurable financial goals by segment
  • Customised sales collateral
  • Sales skills development
  • Profit analysis methods for effective prioritisation
  • Time management for financial goals
  • Effective reporting tied to financial goals
  • Product positioning per market segment
  • Individual performance coaching

Delivery of the Customised Plan (Phase 2) is underpinned by an ongoing Performance Coaching Program (Phase 3) for a minimum 2 months after the deployment of the Customised Plan (Phase 2)

The Performance Coaching Program (Phase 3) drives adherence to the new Cultural Approach and Developed System and includes specific daily and weekly reporting benching Revenue and Profit Growth alongside the shifts in Business Practices undertaken…importantly the results are transparently measurable.

Key areas of the Performance Coaching Program include:

  • Daily reporting to SYG Consultant
  • Daily performance coaching/feedback
  • Weekly measurement and reporting in revenue and profit terms, alongside historical actual and target benchmarks
  • Assistance with lead opportunities
  • Onsite review and coaching days
  • Individual mentoring

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