Kick Start Program

The Sales Yield Growth Kick Start Program is a 3 month program specifically designed for smaller venues (specifically venues with conference capacities of 150 people or less). This program is only available for a minimum cluster of 3 hotels. This high intensity program is designed to be delivered in a short sharp manner, to Kick Start profit growth.

Sales Yield Growth Kick Start Program delivers:
  1. Clear analysis of the Business’s market demand, measurable present performance and potential growth targets… revenue and profit terms.
  2. Clear path forward encapsulating method for the team, effective measurement and reporting and ongoing support to ensure required shifts in systems and culture achieve sustainable traction…..measurable at revenue and profit level.
  3. Performance coaching and a partnership relationship with the business, inclusive of the Executive and broader team over a 2 month period.
  4. Methodology for measurable revenue and profit growth.

 SYG’s 3 Phase Approach:

  1. Discovery Process – In Phase 1 we work with the Executive and broader team commencing with a complete Discovery Process reporting on key business criteria… Read More
  2. Customised Plan – Analysis and recommendations from the Discovery Process (Phase 1) are reviewed with the Executive Team and a Customised Plan (Phase 2) is then developed… Read More
  3. Performance Coaching Program – Delivery of the Customised Plan (Phase 2) is underpinned by an ongoing Performance Coaching Program (Phase 3) for a minimum 2 months after the deployment of the Customised Plan (Phase 2)… Read More

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