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Our Method For Success

Our approach is simple, we empower our clients to turn opportunities into realities by providing industry leading management programs and services.

To achieve this we employ our proven 3 Phase Process, ensuring results in the shortest possible time frame. This process also allows us to customise our solutions to meet individual client needs. Importantly the results are transparently measurable, so we can clearly evaluate the Programs effectiveness.

At SYG we offer 3 customised programs to Hotel Conference Sales Teams. These 3 programs have been designed to specifically suit individual hotel needs and requirements….

Master Program

Sales Yield Growth delivers performance improvement for Conferences, Events and Weddings – Both in Food and Beverage and Associated Accommodation.

…..Measurable at Revenue and Profit Growth

A Method and Cultural Approach founded on over 39 years focused on this specialist area. Our clients encapsulate Boutique Hotels, Event Centres, Major Resorts and City Centre Five Star Hotels… Read More


Kick Start Program

The Sales Yield Growth Kick Start Program is a 3 month program specifically designed for smaller venues (specifically venues with conference capacities of 150 people or less). This program is only available for a minimum cluster of 3 hotels. This high intensity program is designed to be delivered in a short sharp manner, to Kick Start profit growth… Read More


Refresh Program

The Sales Yield Growth Refresh Program is a 6 month Coaching Program designed for hotels who have completed the Master or Kick Start Program within the past 12 months… Read More


At SYG we are confident with the growth in results we deliver for our clients. If we don’t deliver measurable profit growth, don’t pay us.

No Risk – All Reward

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