Frequently Asked Questions

(From a Hotel Owner…)

Shouldn’t my Hotel Management Company be already doing this?

  • There is certainly a focus on conversion and revenue and profit growth from your Hotel Management Company, however, SYG specialise in a specific Coaching Program that advises hotels on the best practices to implement within their team to ultimately receive maximum profit and revenue from their conference business.


What do the fees include?

  • A minimum 6 month Coaching Program for the Conference Sales Team which includes implementation of new systems and tools for the team, one on one coaching from the SYG team and contact with SYG as required, reporting tools, an increase in overall revenue, profit and conversion by the end of the Coaching Program.


How is this process going to effect my team?

  • This program ultimately will have a positive effect on the team. In the beginning stages, it can be challenging as the team adapts to a new approach, however, in every case we have experienced, within a short time frame, the team realise this is a beneficial program and can see the positives in embracing the program. They will benefit from the processes that will ultimately increase their efficiency and also the one on one coaching they receive will provide them with great personal development.


What do we need to do from a Hotel perspective to assist in the running of the program?

  • Support from the Executive Team in the hotel is extremely important and a positive attitude towards the program and communicating this within the team is key. With proven results from the program, it is crucial that the team takes a positive and proactive approach to the Coaching Program from the beginning, this will ensure results are achieved within a shorter time frame.


When will we start to see an increase in conversion and revenue?

  • Each hotel will vary, however, once the Discovery and Induction Phases have taken place we are in a position to start activating the program. Once we have done this and the team are practicing the SYG processes, we start to see results within a few months. Some clients have seen a return on investment within 30 days of commencement.


Why can’t we do this ourselves?

  • SYG is a specialist company that provide extensive experience in this field of Conference Conversion and Sales Coaching. SYG is an extension of the training and knowledge the hotel can provide their team and through thorough experience in not only Conferences Sales, but Hotel Management, this provides a different and specialised approach to the Conference Sales Team.


What reporting will be provided that we can communicate with our owners?

  • For the duration of the project we provide a monthly Conversion Report which shows what demand we have seen during the month, how much business has been confirmed and how much business has been lost – this will be broken down by team members and what each team member’s conversion is. As the months pass by, this gives a great comparison of revenue and conversion month by month, along with an annualisation of revenue expectations.


What if the SYG program doesn’t work?

  • We work with our clients as partners and communicate throughout the project on the progress and any areas of concern. If there is a concern that the project isn’t running “to plan” then a solution will be found.

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